Vesko Vučković

Vesko Vuckovic was born on June 24th, 1979 in Belgrade. From an early age he showed a affinity and talent for mathematics , painting and music .He grew up in prominent dis family of intellectuals, engineers mathematicians, economists, lawyers and sociologists, who despite the fact that none of them was musically educated, gave him full support in choosing music for his main occupation .

He enrolled secondary school Slavenski (in Belgrade) , department of theory and clarinet, and subsequently the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade. During his studies he won numerous awards on classical music competitions.

In 1999 was accepted at the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. As a regular member (full time) remained there for more than 11 years and gained vast experience in the country and abroad with the World's most famous names in classical music today, such as Zubin Mehta and many others. In his career he performed solo on clarinet at numerous concerts in Belgrade and abroad.

Beside Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra as his main employer, he performed at RTS symphony orchestra, the National Theater Orchestra, Stanislav Binički, Philharmonic Orchestra of Vojvodina, Madlenijanum and several chamber orchestras. In his long career of clarinet player, Vesko performed as a soloist and member of the orchestra on more than 800 concerts worldwide and was highly praised by international media. .

As time went by, Vesko got a strong urge to express himself through his vocals, but the desire remained suppressed by too many school activities. Finally in 1999,he started to sing pop music on the professional level, which helped him to completely express himself emotionally. Becoming aware of his extraordinary energy, vocal ability and capability of honest interaction with the audience, he dedicated himself more and more to singing and playing the saxophone.

In his singing career he performed as permanent member of many bands such as Mercedes, No Comment, Uragan , Broadway and Muzicka masina, until the birth of a band proudly called "Vesko Vuckovic", the joint project with Zoran Cokas, his godfather.

In 2005, he recorded an album, for RTS, called "Fanket"

Vesko greatly admires pop and rock music, but he also likes other genres of quality music. He spends his free time on sport and healthy lifestyle. He doesn't consume cigarettes, coffee, alcohol or any drugs, and he is proud of it! Currently he is preparing an album with his godfather and his friends